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Are your staff members cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen, bathrooms, and dining areas? Our goal is to improve restaurant management productivity by taking the cleaning task off your team’s hands so they can focus on creating and serving your customers their delicious food. We set recurring cleanings to make your work easier and the restaurant cleaner and safer. Our restaurant cleaning professionals are fully trained in all aspects of health and safety to help give your staff and customers a welcoming ambiance at all times. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Empty Restaurant
  • Vacuum loose debris from all floors and carpets

  • Disinfectant mopping of hard surface floors

  • Disinfect all dining area hard surfaces

  • Spray clean all dining area glass surfaces

  • Sanitize all kitchen surfaces and cutting boards

  • Empty all food waste trash and recyclables

  • Clean fryers and brush and scour grills

  • Clean grease traps

  • Sanitize meat and cheese slicers

  • Sanitize sinks, faucets, and beverage dispensers

  • Clean and thoroughly sanitize washrooms

  • Empty washroom trash bins and replace liners

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