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Move In/Out Clean


Is there anything more exciting than moving into a new home? You can choose your fresh decorations, paint colors, or maybe some new furniture- the possibilities can be seen as endless.


But also, is there anything more stressful? You've got to pack up your things, arrange a way to get them to the new home and unpack everything.  You may be moving to an entirely new city and starting a new job in the middle of this or dealing with enrolling your kids in a new school.  You'll likely need to sort new power, internet, and water accounts and cut off all the old ones.


And you'll also have to clean your old home to perfection.

In the middle of everything else, you'll need to get your old home up to move-in standards for the new homeowner or tenants.  But don't stress too much.  Hiring Leeepoye's move-in/out cleaning services can help take the cleaning burden off your shoulders so you can focus on the other important aspects of your move.


No one wants to move into a dirty home, including the people who will move into your old living space.  Once you're out of the house, it needs to be cleaned and prepared for its successive occupants, which means getting it as good as new. If you've been renting from a landlord, this is even more important; to get your security deposit back, you'll have to hand over the keys to a sparkling, clean, undamaged home ready for the next tenants.

Move our services are designed precisely for this purpose.  Addressing everything a landlord or new home will look for, move-out cleaning services will get your home move-in ready and set to impress even the harshest critic.  Every home part will be cleaned to like-new perfection, from baseboards to the insides of cabinets and closets.



  • Clean inside all cabinets, cupboards, and drawers



Move In/Out Cleaning includes everything in

Regular and Deep Cleaning


  • Clean inside all cabinets, cupboards, and drawers (empty)

  • Clean inside refrigerator (1)

  • Clean inside oven (1)

  • Wet wipe baseboards and dusty areas.



Move In/Out Cleaning includes everything in

Regular and Deep Cleaning

Modern Kitchen
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  • Clean inside medicine cabinets and all other cabinets

  • Clean inside of all empty drawers

  • Clean inside of linen closets and shelves



Move In/Out Cleaning includes everything in

Regular and Deep Cleaning


  • interior windows

  • blinds

  • extra oven (inside)

  • extra fridge (inside)

  • garage sweep

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